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We offer end-to-end advertising and commercial video production

Use the power of video to drive your brand message forward, bring your story to life and captivate audiences. From creative concept through to storyboarding, production and post-production, Event Fuel offers 360 video production and graphic design. And if you didn’t capture it on video, did it even happen?

Our Film Credentials

Before running events, founder Jamie Deasy spent many years working in film – ranging from working on Neil Jordan productions and the award-winning Vikings through to large-scale Bollywood Productions. This means we know everyone in the business and have a best-in-class network of script-writers. film producers, sound operators, DOPs and editors to work with.

Video Production Services

We offer creative direction, production management, location management and script development in-house to help you create a truly impactful commercial. We have been developing our documentary offering for a longer format video style and we can also offer promo videos for events.

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The Event Fuel Design Studio

We are proud to have a very strong Creative Department. Our graphic designers work on design, renders mock-ups and CAD maps and we have an impressive Render – Real Life portfolio.

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Recent Film Production

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Over 60 single cyclists set hearts racing at ŠKODA’s first ever ŠPEED DATING cycling event, which took place in Avon Rí, Blessington, Co. Wicklow. The 60km cycle around Blessington Lake gave cyclists the chance to get to know each other, all while doing something they love, in beautiful surroundings.

Event Fuel Film Production Ads Centre #wearehurling Hurling Ad
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Centra #WeAreHurling

As a long-standing sponsor of the GAA Hurling All-Ireland Senior Championship, Centra have launched #WeAreHurling, which celebrates the passion displayed by all of those in Ireland’s collective hurling community.

Event Fuel Film Production Ads On the Road with Phillips
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Sleep Experiment: On the Road with Philips

Philips brought together influencers from all over the world to harness the energy, excitement and drama of life on the road during an unforgettable journey for 8 strangers as they ask “what happens when you don’t get enough sleep?”

Cadbury Shared Moments of Joy

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Buttons are created for Shared Moments of Joy.

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